Pigment Red 53: 1 – Lake Red C

Pigment Red 53: 1 - Lake Red C

one. Identify: Lake Red C / Pigment Red fifty three: one

Barium five-chloro-4-methyl-2-[(2Z)-two-(2-oxonaphthalen-one

C. I. P. R 53: one
CAS Variety: 5160-2-1
EINECS: 225-935-three
C. I. No.: 15585: one
Molecular Formulation: C34H24BaCl2N4O8S2

two. Specifacation:
Gentle: four
Heat: 140
Linseed oil: 4
Water: four-5
Acid: four
Alkali: 4-5
Oil absorption: le 60
Melting Stage: 343-345

three. Software:
For water dependent inks, solvent inks, offset inks and plasticsTechnical Info Sheet(TDS)

1. Product Data
one) Product identify Suncolor Purple 3354K
two) Shade index identify Pigment Purple fifty three:1
3) Chemical type AZO
four) Molecular system C34H24BaCl2N4O8S
5) CAS No. 5160-2-one
six) EU No. 225-935-3
7) Relative trade name

2. Actual physical Homes
one) PH Benefit seven-eight
two) Certain gravity one.50 plusmn0.1
3) Drinking water soluble one.% max
four) Oil absorption 45 plusmn5%
5) Heat balance 220 Degree C
six) Resistance to Water (one-5) 4-five
7) Resistance to Oil (one-five) four
eight) Resistance to Acid (one-five) 4
9)Resistance to Alkali (one-five) four-five
10) LigEPT fastness (1-8) four-5
11) Weather conditions fastness (one-5) four
12) Migration resistance 4
13) #9651E le1.

3. Software
1) Plastics PE ,PVC
two) Coating
3) Inks
four) Textile paste
4. Complex responses
Purple 3354K with substantial heat resistance, very good dispersion, which is suggested for PE ,PVC mainly.

Pigment Red 53: 1 - Lake Red C

Pigment Red 53: 1 - Lake Red C