High Capacity CE Certificated Lime Glue Crushing Machine

High Capacity CE Certificated Lime Glue Crushing Machine

Higher capability CE certificated lime glue Crushing EPT

Operating Principle
Air classifier mill substance would be conveyed by feeding method evenly to milling chamber, and would be impacted by high-speed rotating beater, and also under the centrifugal power, it would impact the grinding track. By a number of various pulverization EPTs, the materials would be milled into wonderful powder. The milled powder would go with air circulation up to the classifying chamber. With the aid of adjustable classifier wheel, coarse powder and fantastic powder would be separated. Certified wonderful powder would go via the wheel vane then into the cyclone separator or dust collector, although combination of coarse powder and fine powder would drop down to the milling chamber to be milled once again.

Overall performance Features
1.Air classifier mill milling and classifying in one particular system. Needed item size attained by the adjustment of classifier wheel.
2.Compact construction, little room profession, reduced installation EPT, vast application, and high efficiency value.
three.Distinct beater styles, pin condition, hammer condition and tooth shape, for diverse materials. Large milling performance.
4.Suitable for powder product milling among d50: 2micron and 75micron.
The current domestic crushing gear, the large hardness, crushing the materials issues eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sts, this sort of as Short life for the wearing parts, not easy to crush substantial hardness, higher humidity, sticky, minimal melting level, tough To discharge the substance, and flammable. The major advantages of a variety of sorts of built-in mill in the ACM Series, based on the repeated apply manufactured. The appropriate fineness is based mostly on the materials.

Main goal
This applies to the adhering to 7 non-metallic mineral hardness, diatomite, fluorspar, Fluorite, mica, and Low humidity, high melting stage, viscosity of sulfur Juan, pesticides, and other extremely-wonderful grinding of Resources to resolve the major difficulty which present domestic crushing business can not resolve. Fineness Can attain at 5 to 10 microns. EEPTly for cocoa coarse material,cocoa shell,coconut cake,rice, suXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.,corn, fibre content,medicinal supplies…

Technical Parameter

Design ACM-five ACM-15 ACM-thirty ACM-50 ACM-60 ACM-100 ACM-a hundred and twenty
Matched Powder(kw) Grinding Plate 4 eleven 22 30 45 ninety 110
Classifying wheel .seventy five four five.five 7.5 11 fifteen
Feeder .35 .37 .55 one.1
Air Movement(m3/h) 250-five hundred 1200-2000 2200-3600 3500-5500 4000-7500 7500-15000 9000-18000
Rotation Pace (r/min) Grinding plate 9000 5600 4600 4200 2900 2100 1800
Classifying wheel 900-3500 750-2800 700-2800 650-2600 600-2400 five hundred-2000 400-1800
Pulverizatin Fineness( mum) 5-300
Dimension(l timesw timesh)mm 690 times690 times770 1300 times650 times750 1640 times960 times1030 2000 times1200 times1300 2000 times1200 times1300 2400 times1500 times1600 2400 times2200 times2600
N.W(kg) 300 600 one thousand 1600 2000 3000 3500

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High Capacity CE Certificated Lime Glue Crushing Machine

High Capacity CE Certificated Lime Glue Crushing Machine