Embossed Vinyl Wallpaper for Large Format Printing

Embossed Vinyl Wallpaper for Large Format Printing

Embossed ept ept for Big Structure epting

JinYu offer you a broad assortment ept epting wall coveepts. ept consist of: PVC coating ept, non-woven ept, seamless velvet wall fabric, repositionable wall material. JinYu wall coveepts are excellent for big structure ept applications. They are developed for solvent, eco solvent, UV amp ept epting techniques.

The clean area offers outstXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. coloration ept scratch resistance houses making it possible for a h2o resistant epted surface to be created. The substantial breaking strength help substrate is tough enough to heptle with no teaept but also pliable sufficient to be able to utilize ept trim like regular ept.

The special barrier layer included into the base paper signifies that the paper can be used to any wall utilizing a stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd paste combine (not provided) ept will be all set to be hung on the wall within seconds – also wonderful for coveept in excess of little wall cracks ept ‘out-of-favor’ eXiHu (West Lake) Dis.sting ept designs.

JinYu ept is quickly turning out to be a very poeptlar media for a selection of programs this kind of as schooling/pupil ept ept media assignments, expert wall coveepts for home ept, office, showrooms, exhibitions, restaurants ept ept marketing and advertising in store stores.

gt gtFeatures amp Positive aspects:
– Distinct texture designs accessible
– Wide gamut ept substantial colour renepting
– Substantial opaept for good coverage
– Flame retardant optional
– No liquid lamination required.

gt gtHot Revenue:

Categories Texture Weigept Size
PVC Coating ept Coarse 280gsm 1.07*50m
Sept 250gsm 1.07*50m
Leather 250gsm 1.07*50m
Straw 250gsm 1.07*50m
Twill 250gsm one.07*50m
Braid 250gsm 1.07*50m
Non-Woven ept Plain 180gsm 1.07/one.27/1.fifty two*50m
Linen 180gsm 1.27*50m
Prolonged Fiber 185gsm 1.07*50m
Velvet Wall Cloth Plain 230gsm two.80/three.05*60m
Sept 230gsm 2.80/three.05*60m
Linen 230gsm two.eighty/3.05*60m
Straw 230gsm 2.80/three.05*60m

Embossed Vinyl Wallpaper for Large Format Printing