Colorless Liquid Formic Acid Methanoic Acid for Pesticide Industry

Colorless Liquid Formic Acid Methanoic Acid for Pesticide Industry

one.Solution specifics

Items Name:

formic acid

Common title: Methanoic acid
Molecular formulation: HCOOH
CAS No: sixty four-18-six
H.S Code:


Molecular Form: HCOOH


Dangerous Items Class:

Classification: Carboxylic acid
Physical appearance :

Colorless XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.g and inflammable liquid with powerful irritating odor,soluble in drinking water and alcohol. Distinct gravity: one.2201(20 degc). Melting level: 8.3 degc. Boiling level 100 degc.

EPT: twenty five/35/250/1200kgs plastic drum and ISO EPTnk

2.Simple Introduction

1.Formic acid is a single of standard organic chemical uncooked materials, broadly utilized in pesticide, leather, dye, medication and rubber EPT.
2.Formic acid can be utilized directly to the fabric processing, tHangZhou, textile printing and dyeing and inexperienced fodEPTstorage, also can be employed for steel surface area remedy agent, rubber ferEPTzer and EPT solvents.
three.In organic and natural synthesis is employed for the synthesis of numerous formate, acridine dyes and formamide series of pharmaceutical intermediates.


Product Tremendous Quality Tremendous Quality Super Grade Initial Quality Normal Quality
Color index,max 10 10 ten 20 30
Purity, min 99.06% 94.00% ninety.00% 85.00% eighty five.00%
Chloride as CL%,max .004 .0005 .0005 .004 .006

Sulphate as SO2 %,max

.005 .005 .0005 .002 .571
Iron as Fe%,max .0001 .0001 .0001 .0004 .0006
Evaporation residue%,max .005 .006 .006 .571 .060


one,Pharmaceutical sector: Caffeine, Analgin, Aminopyrie, Vitami B1, etc.

2,Chemical market: Dimethylformamide, Formamide, Rubber antioXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dant, and so on.

3,Leather industry: THangZhou agent, Deliming agent, Neutralizer.

4,Pesticide market: Triadimefon, paclobutrazol, Insecticidal ether, and so forth.

five,Textile sector: Acid stain, and so forth.

six,Rubber market: All-natural rubber floccXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.t, and so on.

seven,Steel industry: Managing agent, etc.

8,Paper market: Pulp producing, Dyeing agent, remedy agent, toner, and so forth.

9,Foodstuff industry: Food disinfectant, Foodstuff clean trying to keep, and so forth.

ten,Poultry business: Silage, Feed additives, and so on.

eleven,EPT solvent, Chemical cleaning agent, Minimizing agent, Additives, Treatingagent, Hyperchromic agent, Dyeing agent, FiXiHu (West Lake) agent, Rubber additives.

5.EPT and loading

one.EPT Materials: Plastic drum ,IBC drum.

2.Web Weight: 25kg/30kg/35kg/250kg/plastic drum,1200kg/IBC drum, Bulk storage tank

3.Customer need

4.Shipping and delivery: ten daEPTafter receive the deposite or workable L/C


Item storage demands

The storage area of formic acid should be awesome and ventilated, right after all formic acid also has flammability.

In addition, formic acid can react with oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dants, so it is necessary to keep away from the common transportation and storage of oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dizing brokers and other alkali substances in the autos that shop formic acid or transportation formic acid.

Because there are each corrosive and flammable formate, to make certain that the EPT is total without break, just before transport and EPT stacked neatly, steer clear of heap of the area, have to maintain, or on the highway collision destroyed the outer deal of formic acid.

Colorless Liquid Formic Acid Methanoic Acid for Pesticide Industry

Colorless Liquid Formic Acid Methanoic Acid for Pesticide Industry