Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Coating Powder

Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Coating Powder

zinc phosphate Anticorrosive Pigments Paint additives and coating additives

It has mostly displaced toXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c supplies based mostly on direct or chromium, and by 2006 it had grow to be the most commonly utilized corrosion inhibitor. Zinc phosphate coats greater on a crystalline structure than bare metal, so a seeding agent is frequently utilized as a pre-therapy. A single typical agent is sodium pyrophosphate.

All-natural types of zinc phosphate incEPT minerals hopeite and parahopeite, Zn3(PO4)2 #82264H2O. A relatively similar mineral is all-natural hydrous zinc phosphate known as tarbuttite, Zn2(PO4)(OH). Both are recognized from oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dation zones of Zn ore beds and had been fashioned by way of oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dation of sphalerite by the presence of phosphate-prosperous solutions. The anhydrous type has not but been located in a natural way

Zinc phosphate, as a new technology of antirust pigment, is a new type of nontoXiHu (West Lake) Dis.c and harmless white antirust pigment with exceptional functionality in rust prevention and best application influence. It is the very best substitute of traditional antirust pigments conXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. weighty metals this kind of as direct and chrome.Zinc Phosphate renders coating materials exceptional rust-preventing performance and excellent resistance to drinking water

Finish Application

#8226 Zinc Phosphate is employed in corrosion resisting primers and undercoats.It is widely utilised in different coating materials for preparation of waterproof, acid-resistant or corrosion preventive coating resources these kinds of as phenolic paint, epoxy paint, acrylic paint, paste paint.

Zinc Phosphate is employed in producing of Zinc Wealthy Paint Formulations.

Zinc Phosphate is utilized producing of FerEPTzers.

#8226 Zinc Phosphate is used for drinking water-soluble resin paint in the fields of shipbuilding, auto, EPT EPTry, ligEPT metal, EPT appliances and steel containers for food items.

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Zinc Phosphate is suitable with a vide range of media incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. alkyds epoxy esters, chlorinated rubber, polyurethene and so on


Product Title: Zinc phosphate

Item Variety: Anti-corrosion Pigment

Solution APPREANCE: White powder

CHEMICAL Course:Zn3(POfour)2 middot2HtwoO

CAS No.:7779-ninety-

Product Software: Zinc phosphate helps the development of passivation layer on the metallic area to be guarded. Substance for anti-corrosion paint used in container, ship and metal buildings. Also for digital materials.

Complex Data

Take a look at Merchandise Requirement
Whiteness % 80-90
Zn % forty five Min
PO4 % twenty-30
Humidity % 1. Max
Oil absorption ml/100g twenty five-35
The PH Price 6-8
Residue on sieve (1250mesh) % .5 Max
Imply Particle Size mum thirteen-15

STHangZhouRD EPT 25kg/bag, Plastic-lined woven bag or Composite paper bag

Transportation AND STORAGE

Shield against weathering. Shop in a dry location and keep away from excessive fluctuations intemperature. Particular conditions for opened EPT: Near baggage soon after use to avert the absorption of dampness and contamination.

Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Coating Powder

Anticorrosive Zinc Phosphate Coating Powder