99.8%Min Melamine Powder

99.8%Min Melamine Powder

Melamine Powder
CYANURAMIDE two,four,six-TRIAMINO-one,three,five-TRIAZINE
1.Visual appeal and Properties: Melamine is white crystalline powder, innoXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ous, flavorless, crystalline powder. Soluble in methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, hot ethylene glycol, glycerol, pyridine Slightly soluble in water, ethanol Do not dissolve in ether, benzene and carbon tetrachloride,temperature tolerance of -thirty levels Celsius to a hundred and twenty levels Celsius,water resistance,resistance in opposition to,corrosion resistance,brigEPT color.
2.CAS: 108-seventy eight-1
H.S. NO.:2933610000
IUPAC name: 2, 4, six-triamino-one, three, 5-triazino
EINECS No.:203-615-four
Place of Origin:ZheEPTng , China (Mainland)
Quality StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd:EPT Quality, Reagent Quality
Boiling point : gt250 (sublimes )
Melting stage :354(dcomposes)
Specific gravity :one.573(20 degc)
Vapor force :50mmhg (315 degc)
Vapor density :four.34(air=1.)
Heat of combustion :468.9kcal/mole
Bulk density :fifty-55bs/ft3


Purity 99.eight%min
Humidity: .1%max
PH Benefit: 7.5-nine.five
Ash: .03max
Haze diploma: 20max
Colour degree: 20max

Melamine is primarily utilized to generate melamine-formaldehyde resin.
it also utilised for decorating plates,amino-plastic, coherent agent, intensifier of paper presently, textile assistant, paints,fridge foods box, insulation parts, lower-voltage electrical appliances and other combustion merchandise,glazing agent and waterproof agent, rubber adhesive,flame accelerant, efficient cement h2o EPT, metal diluted agent.

05, Storage
Retained in shady and ventilative locations. Will not be saved or transported with each other with acid or oXiHu (West Lake) Dis.dizer.
06, EPT ( plastic lined, plastic woven bags)
*25kg/bag, 500kg/bag, 1000kg/bag
07, Payment phrases
*thirty%min T/T in progress, the stability in opposition to the duplicate of B/L or L/C at sight.
*one hundred% L/C at sight.
*Western union

08, Shipping and delivery time
Inside of fifteen workdaEPTafter orEPTconfirmation, or according to the quantity.
09, Provider
We supply clients benefit-added companies to guarantee the maXiHu (West Lake) Dis.mization of advantages, incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. the adhering to facets :
1) Particular inspection is provided in accordance to the request of customers from specified countries.
two) The specialist logistician gives suitable logistic plan for the clientele, and ship the goods to the specified port or warehouses ASAP.


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99.8%Min Melamine Powder

99.8%Min Melamine Powder